A mattress for dreamy sleep in the clouds.

  • The anatomical mattress with independent springs recognizes the natural curves of the body and embraces them, without exercising pressures, resulting in the completely comfortable and restful sleep.
  • The anatomy gives the feeling of comfort and helps to better blood circulation, making it ideal for everyone body types.
  • The certified raw materials ensure its hygiene body. It has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. Not has a tendency to absorb mites, particles and dust that they exist in the atmosphere and the human body.
  • It is an ideal choice for those who suffer from back pain spine and want a mattress that… remembers!
  • Helps to relax and reduce stress.
  • It remembers the shape of the body (memory visco) thanks to sophisticated technology of the memory materials combined with the independent springs. Its porous material fluctuates respectively offers perfect support without creating spots pressure on the body, providing a flawless sleep experience, evenly distributing body weight. Sensation absolute embrace and relaxation.
  • The memory foam used to make the material latest generation and high technology, perfectly adapts the its shape according to the heat emitted by the body, following the natural curves of the body and absorbs energy and vibrations.
  • In addition, the material viscoelastic-memory foam reacts to temperature and the layer becomes softer when it comes to contact with the hottest parts of the body, while it remains unchanged in all the rest. The memory foam material does not contains no toxic substances according to E.C. bans 67/548.
  • Endurance. The excellent raw materials and the handmade process production, help the mattress to maintain its original properties properties over time.
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  • Handmade anatomical mattress.
  • Mechanism system of independent springs 260/ m2, Pocket springs.
  • Perimeter spring retention strip.
  • Non Woven, protective fabric on top and bottom surface of the spring mechanism.
  • Cotton padding, S800/D1 with integrated carpet for durability, certified, STANDARD 100, OEKO-TEX.
  • Memory visco 4 million
  • Latex 2 cm.
  • TENCEL quality fabric on the surface, antibacterial, quilted, with white hypoallergenic cotton, certified STANDARD 100, OEKO-TEX.
  • Olive Oil Organic Cotton quality fabric 100%, quilted with white hypoallergenic cotton 300 gr.
  • Perimeter ventilation system and handles.
  • Total height 34+/-1 cm.
  • Written guarantee for 7 years.
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