• Orthopedic support of the spine, keeping it stable and in straight position.
• Uniform feeling of pressure throughout the body.
• Ideal for those with back and neck pain. Thanks to its stable form, allows the joints to rest properly during it of night.
• Helps to regulate breathing properly, keeping it in a straight line the airways.
• Contributes to the prevention of back pain.

• The certified raw materials ensure the hygiene of the body. He’s got hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. It does not tend to absorb mites, particles and dust present in the atmosphere and the human body.
• The excellent quality, natural material, latex, does not contain chemical impurities and it is friendly to the human body and the environment. In addition, it reduces them physical pains, relieving and giving the feeling of softness.
• Incomparable feeling of comfort and softness, due to the 40s foam material.

• Endurance. The excellent raw materials and the handmade production process, they help the mattress maintain its original properties over time.
• A 7-year written guarantee is provided.

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  • Handmade orthopedic mattress.
  • Bonnel springs system.
  • Antibacterial fabric, certified STANDARD 100, OEKO- TEX, with white hypoallergenic cotton.
  • Foam reinforced, certified.
  • Natural latex, certified.
  • Total height 30+/- 1 cm.
  • Perimeter ventilation system and handrails.
  • Written guarantee for 7 years.