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Nobu hotel, Santorini


The boutique hotel, located on the island’s captivating northeast coast, houses a signature Nobu restaurant, full-service spa, fitness facility, dual-level infinity pool, and five luxurious pool villas, and offers panoramic views of both the Caldera and the Aegean Sea from its unique clifftop location in Imerovigli.



Boho insular lines in perfect agreement with the Cycladic earth that enable entire relaxation provide the ideal well-being experience of the Greek Summer. Nobu Santorini is an innovative concept that promotes this unique approach to interior design. It seeks to combine the elements of nature and modern living in order to create a harmonious balance between the two.

Cape Mykonos Residences, Mykonos


Fascinating views of the vast blue sea and Mykonos Town, brownstone tones, and flecks of iconic Cycladic white create a stunning environment that respects and blends into the landscape. Cape Mykonos hotel features 27 elegant, contemporary rooms that provide the finest Greek vacation experience.


A one of a kind minimal project that reflects the Cycladic spirit while offering the ultimate comfort sense. Designed as a modern expression of traditional architecture and interior design, Cape Myconos has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum comfort and luxury with a modern twist. The project blends traditional craftsmanship and contemporary materials, creating an elegant combination of both. It is designed in a way that its rustic character seamlessly merges with the elements of nature while maintaining its own distinct identity.


Rocabella, Santorini


The picturesque town of Imerovigli is home to Rocabella Santorini. The 42 rooms and suites of the hotel have been thoughtfully designed with minimal decor, eloquent lines, and ethereal charm to highlight Cycladic culture and genuine island life.


A one-of-a-kind project that embodies the Cycladic character while providing the greatest in leisure. Rocabella Santorini was meticulously designed as a modern interpretation of traditional architecture and interior design to offer optimum comfort and luxury with a bit of a twist.


MR P. Boutique Residence, Skiathos


The MR P. Boutique Residence is set to launch a new era of Skiathian hospitality focusing on comfort and convenience, interior design, art, elegance, and sophistication. Inspired by Alexandros Papadiamantis, one of Greece’s most celebrated 19th-century writers.



A project that combines the classic nouvelle vague attitude with the simplicity of insular features and takes them into the present day. Mr. P Boutique Residence was meticulously built as a modern interpretation of classic architecture and interior design to provide optimum comfort and luxury with an unexpected touch of nostalgia.

Thalassa Boutique, Kefalonia


A newly built compound that offers luxurious and spacious rooms in two neoclassical buildings. The pleasant family atmosphere, stylishly comfortable rooms, colourful gardens, and spectacular views make this hotel ideal for total relaxation and vacation.



Thalassa Hotel, which offers a premium boutique hotel interior design, is based on the unique concept of variation. Each room within the hotel has been meticulously designed with its own distinct personality, and all of these spaces combine to form a multispace, offering guests with a genuinely unique experience of utter comfort.


10Gr Boutique Hotel, Rhodes


Ten rooms dedicated to ten legendary Greeks who promoted the country and made Greece renowned overseas. Enjoy the luxury of staying in a stone-built chamber with a history of over 2.000 years, where design and comfort create a particular atmosphere.  Four suites devoted to Rhodes Island’s four ancient cities, designed in accordance with evidence dating back to the excavation of these towns.


This is a showcase of artistry and skill, allowing us to explore new visual forms and concepts. Each piece has been crafted with precision and detail to ensure that it captures the desired mood. It is an endeavor to seek out the perfect harmony and balance between modern design and traditional craftsmanship while delivering the ambience of a sensual awakening experience.


Athensotel, Psiri


The urban Lofts and Rooms of Athensotel, housed in a regenerated “simplified classical” style building from the early 1950s, provides an essence of urban comfort throughout your stay in Athens by integrating parts of the past with fresh, smart, modern, and fashionable accommodation.


Our custom urban series combines minimal lines with an industrial touch, all to create the perfect setting for maximum comfort. Built with an eye for detail, this series is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a comfortable city getaway. It offers a unique balance between an urban experience and cosy feeling of home.



11 Acropolis Suites, Athens


Located in the heart of Athens and offering extraordinary services and world-class amenities, the hotel’s 11 luxurious suites have a distinct character of discreet luxury, timeless elegance, and compelling grace.


The modern architecture, with its sharp lines and organic components, attempted to strike the right balance between the interiors and the outstanding views. As a consequence, we developed a series that acts as a bridge between the past and the present, ensuring optimal comfort while also delivering a delightful surprise, an extensive stay experience.


Galena Verde Deluxe Villas,



Galena Verde Luxury Villas, nestled in a serene idyllic spot on one of Greece’s most renowned Ionian islands, provides a blend of contemporary and ethnic features with an atmosphere of pure sophistication.


The summer’s boho-chic setting was exemplified by our creation of a natural collection made entirely of natural materials. We sought to establish harmony between elements and attract attention to the natural beauty that exists in the world. Our effort served as a reminder of the significance of staying in tune with our surroundings and appreciating the simple pleasures that nature provides.



Oresteia Villas, Zakynthos


Oresteia Villas lodging choices are carefully located around Zakynthos Island. All types of residences combine modern and minimal design with the efficiency required to provide a memorable vacation experience.


Minimal lines and contemporary designs are the key features of this new age creation which is destined to make a statement in large insular Greek spaces. Offering maximum comfort and luxury, this modern creation has been designed to suit the needs of the present day with its sleek and stylish look. It is sure to transform any accommodation into a distinct abode.



Villa Borgheze, Zakynthos


A timeless treasure in the heart of Zante that offers the ideal holiday experience for those seeking a balance of heritage, elegance, and comfort.


This challenge was no ordinary one, as it required all the fine heritage of the family craftsmanship to create pieces that would reflect the traditional architectural poise and emphasize it with elegance. It was important to convey the sense of tradition and hospitality that is deeply rooted in history. The crafted pieces were an ode to the generations of artisans before them, and that heritage was something that needed to be celebrated and appreciated.



Tropical hotel, Athens


Tropical Hotel provides a great stay in one of Athens’ top locations, on Alimos Beach! With 38 rooms, this four-star “Boutique” hotel was renovated in 2004 and is known for its experience, superb setting, and high-quality services.


A contemporary series that attempts a balance between the vibrant rhythms of Greece’s capital and the languid rhythms of coastal vacation. A collection of pieces aimed at satisfying individuals who enjoy the simple pleasure of sipping a tropical drink while gazing out at the infinite azure vistas of the Aegean Sea.



Paleros Beach Resort Hotel, Paleros


Designed with a modern, stylish feel, the fully renewed Paleros Beach Resort was welcomed back last summer to excellent reviews. Nestling in a bay backed by olive grove clad mountains and washed by the dazzling Ionian Sea, it’s perfect for action and exploration as well as relaxation.

The hotel is situated a 20 minute walk, or a gentle bike ride, from the small village of Paleros, where guests can visit quaint seafront bars and traditional Greek taverns. Guests will love the spacious family pool, while the adult pool has a more tranquil vibe. Set amidst flower-filled gardens with lovingly tended lawns, the attractive accommodation features a choice of 150 contemporary rooms to meet requests of all party requirements.

COLORS Hotel Athens, Athens


Experience a casual, urban accommodation in Athens with free speed-of-light Wi-Fi, fluffy king-size beds, rainmaker showers, hybrid rooms for all tastes and yummy snacks from the mini-bar.


Since 2011, COLORS’s Hotel Athens doors, minds and hearts are open for all the curious, independent, fun-loving modern travelers of the world. 

Utopia Eco Retreat, Skiathos


Utopia Eco Retreat is a complex of 5 autonomous Villas, surrounded by a garden of olive trees, private pools and infinite sunlight.


Located only moments away from Skiathos most vibrant areas, the Utopia Eco Retreat is a hidden bohemian-chic paradise featuring 5 uniquely crafted luxurious villas with private pools. The perfect hideaway for immersing yourself in the unique yet exuberant rhythms of the island of Skiathos.

Marcopolo Astor


The 21,000 tonne Astor is a truly stylish, premium four star* cruise liner with an impressive reputation on the European market. Extensively refurbished in 2010, she is fully stabilized and air-conditioned with accommodation for just 600 privileged guests.


The unique size of Astor offers an intimate country house style allowing you to enjoy the camaraderie that comes from being among a select number of guests and to be pampered by the very attentive crew.

Galaxy of Happiness yacht


GALAXY OF HAPPINESS is a 53.32 m Motor Yacht, built in Latvia by Latitude Yachts and delivered in 2016. She is one of 2 Galaxy models.


Her top speed is 30.0 kn and she boasts a maximum range of 2300.0 nm when navigating at cruising speed, with power coming from two MTU diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 6 guests in 3 staterooms, with 6 crew members waiting on their every need. She has a gross tonnage of 299.0 GT and a 17.44 m beam.