Nature in your bed. Completely natural, anatomical and therapeutic sleep. For excellent sleep quality over time.

• It naturally hugs the curves of the body, supporting it, long term. Sensation of absolute elasticity and recovery. Suitable for relief of pain in joints, neck and spine.
• Self-regulating temperature. Because of the structure of millions of tiny cells, the mattress breathes naturally, keeps cool in the summer and ensures warmth in winter, creating a continuous natural ventilation.

• Eliminates odors, thanks to its excellent self-regulating ventilation.
• NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC. LATEX is a 100% natural milky material liquid of flowering plants. It does not contain chemical impurities. It is friendly to environment and the human body. Antibacterial, tends not to absorbs mites, dust and particles present in the atmosphere and the human body.

• Endurance. Excellent durability over time. LATEX always recovers the its original shape due to its natural elasticity, compared to others layers that lose their support over time. Warranty 7 years.


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  • Certified Natural Latex.
  • 7-year written guarantee.